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Frases y Mensajes de Navidad en Inglés

Si necesita felictar a un amigo de habla inglesa, aquí tienes unas frases de Feliz Navidad en inglés

Happy, happy Christmas, that makes the dreams we remember from our childhood, I remember my grandfather the joys of his youth, and will transport the visitor to your fireplace and your sweet home!
I wanted to send something extra special for Christmas, but I had a problem … How do you wrap a hug and a big kiss? Happy Christmas!

 Friends are like stars, though you can not see them, you know you are always there. Happy Christmas is not necessary to live, but you increase its value a thousand times.
If you don’t know what could be the best present in this Christmas, give your love!. – Si no sabes cuál sería el mejor regalo en esta Navidad, da tu amor!.

Hope, peace and love for you this Christmas – Esperanza, paz y amor para tí esta Navidad.

May you have the best of Christmas this year and all your dreams come true. – Ojalá tengas lo mejor de la Navidad este año y todos sus sueños se conviertan en realidad.

Christmas is a special time of year to remember those who are close to our hearts – La Navidad es una época especial para recordar a los que están cerca de nuestros corazones.

May the peace and joy of Christmas live in your heart in new year. Ojalá la paz y la alegría de la Navidad viva en tu corazón en el año nuevo.

I wish you a Christmas full of love!. – Te deseo una Navidad llena de amor!.

Merry Christmas!. With many good wishes for Christmas and the coming year. – ¡Feliz Navidad!. Con muchos buenos deseos para la Navidad y el año que viene.

The family is the most beautiful present for Christmas. La familia es el regalo más bonito para Navidad.

I hope your wishes make true this Christmas. – Espero que tus deseos se hagan realidad en esta Navidad.

With all my love, I wish that the magic of Christmas enlighten you and help you achieve all your dreams
 Perhaps the best Christmas ornament is a great smile, here’s mine

The magic of Christmas is the magic of people … like you that you have a year fly by …

The best gift I can make this Christmas and I have it … you are!

Sometimes someone comes into your life and you know immediately who was born to be there. So I miss you so much this Christmas …

 Love, Peace and much happiness are our wishes for Christmas and New Year.

May this Christmas occasion of congratulations and have a wonderful holiday with whom we share, all year long, beautiful moments.

Merry Christmas! … and the joy of the holidays is repeated every day of the New Year.

Christmas is not necessary to live, but you increase its value a thousand times.

A handful of nougat enough for Christmas, but a handful of your friendship (or love) me food for life.

Mamá Noela Guapa Feliz Navida


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